Travel Diaries:  Miami, Florida

Travel Diaries: Miami, Florida

Welcome to my Travel Diaries Blog: Miami, Florida! Here you will see photos, videos, journaling of my adventures, and possibly vlogs as I make my traveling journey near and far! Before I dive into my traveling voyage to Miami, Florida, I want to tell you what brought up the idea of the Travel Diaries.

Adventure is out there!

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to travel and see the world, but we didn’t have much money. Most of our family vacations were to Monterey and Lake Tahoe. Our most extensive family trip was to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and that felt like a dream come true! I was ten years old and having the time of my life! Although, I was very thankful to travel with my high school’s marching band and color guard. We went to Disneyland (Anaheim, CA) and Seaworld (San Diego, CA) quite a few times. My first time on an airplane didn’t happen until I was 20 years old. It was also my first time leaving the state of California. We went to Seattle, Washington, in the Summer of 2012, and it was a fantastic trip!

My traveling journey didn’t continue until I was in college, and I did color guard again. I had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas, Nevada, twice, and that was a party! During my final year of college, we received an invitation to perform at the Autonation Cure Bowl in Orlando, Florida. San Jose State University vs. Georgia State University Bowl Game! My school, the SJSU Spartans, won! ? ? ? It was my second time on an airplane and my first visit to the East Coast! Did I also forget to mention this happened in December 2015? Well, I’ll say this, wearing shorts in December was something I could get used to easily! But I started the Travel Diaries because I told myself that I would make traveling happen for me in 2021!

And that’s how my story begins! In February 2021, I went to Miami, Florida!

Hey Tawni, want to visit Miami, Florida?

Welcome to my first ever Travel Diaries Blog: Miami, Florida edition!

When the CEO of my agency asked me if I wanted to visit one of our clients in Miami, Florida, I screamed YES in pure excitement! In the first week of February, my team and I (half in Los Angeles and me in the Bay Area) flew to Miami, Florida. We stayed in this beautiful seven-bedroom, four-bath home with a swimming pool and gorgeous amenities.

Miami Luxury Access

Our client, Miami Luxury Access, is a real estate travel booking agency. Miami Luxury Access (MLA) has many properties throughout Miami, Florida, fully furnished and designed to live that luxurious lifestyle you’ve always wanted when visiting Miami. Each home has fully equipped amenities and appliances to make you feel like you’re home away from home. There are swimming pools, hot tubs, games, a pool table, and even a mini-golf course available in some of these homes. All homes have their signature Swan floaty in the pools and a pool table.

Meeting the team in person, finally!

When I landed in Miami and arrived at our beautiful home, I was so excited to meet my team in person finally! Every day and for multiple hours, I’ve chatted on the phone and had zoom calls with my team. But this trip brought us all together to meet in person finally! I was thrilled to hug my team and make everlasting friendships!

Miami Adventures!

This was my first time in Miami, Florida, and I was so excited to see the sites. One of my favorite places to visit in Miami was the Wynwood District. It’s also known as the Wynwood Walls & Art District of Miami! Every wall was covered in beautiful pieces of art and design! From amazing graffiti to works of art! Why would you ever want to leave?

I can’t wait to revisit Miami!

Xoxo, Tawni Janine: @TawniJanine

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