Hello, I’m Tawni Janine. Graphic Designer, Social Media Content Creator, & Digital Marketer.

As a Graphic Designer, Social Media Content Creator, and Digital Marketer, I stay pretty busy. But I love what I do! When I’m not designing, shooting photos, or marketing myself, I enjoy spending time alone focusing on myself, playing with my dog, and being with my friends and family. I also take pleasure in binge-watching my favorite movies. I like to consider myself a movie-fanatic. Spending time with my dog, Toby is the highlight of my day. He brings me so much joy and happiness! You can follow his story on Instagram, @apupnamed_toby

As a graphic designer, many of my creations are directly influenced by my passions in art, life, and media. I love recreating designs from other influencers and making them my own. Creativity is an endless feature everyone should strive for in the end! Creating content is something anyone can do! Go out there and be a digital marketer for yourself! Follow me on Instagram to check out my daily life and story, @tawnijanine.

I strive to design simple, delightful, and impactful user experiences. I take on all sizes, from web design and build to product, branding, and social media design. As long as you need creation, I’m your creator. I am distributed as a freelance creator and am looking for opportunities to make a global impact.

Please do say hello and check out my best work.

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